Tracking Employee’s or Contractor’s Time

Published on July 12, 2017

Once you have 2 or 3 people to keep up with, you may find it useful to have your people complete an on-line form to keep up with their hours.  It’s a handy way to keep everything in one place and be able to track what people were working on!

We have a time tracking form in the shared google drive in the Time Tracking folder.

  1. Right Click on the Time Tracking Input form.
  2. Choose “Add to My Drive”
  3. Create a “Time Tracking” folder in your Google Drive
  4. Move Time Tracking Input form to the “Time Tracking” Folder
  5. Double click to open form, and edit as necessary (you’ll want to add your own names and schools or tasks)
  6. At the bottom of the form, click Send Form – email this form to your team.
  7. When it asks where to put the information, click Add new spreadsheet
    • Google forms will add a new file in your folder – this is where the data will appear in spreadsheet form.
  8. When your people get the URL (from the email that was just sent), have them add it to their home screen on their phone or computer.
    • They may have to click the “complete form in Google Docs” button to get the URL
  9. Have them complete on the SAME DAY as their work.
  10. Check spreadsheet for their hours when you are doing payroll.