Upload Web files

Published on July 12, 2017

Upload Web files to the server

Now that your images have been chosen, adjusted for crop and exposure, saved as full resolution files into the ‘Originals’ folder, and saved as low resolution files to the ‘Web’ folder, you are ready to upload them to the web so your clients can order!

  1. Upload the Web sized images in the ‘barcode_import’ folder on the EZGo server.
    • Open your FTP program (Filezilla, or other)
    • Log in and connect to the server
    • Host:  ftp://ezgophoto.com;  Username and Password as given
      • Your log-in will take you directly to your location’s ‘bar-code_import’ folder
    • Select all the web files
    • Move web files into your ‘bar-code_ import’ folder

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you move the WEB files and not the Original files.  If you accidentally move the Originals folder, the large files will take forever to upload and could lock up your cart.

Create Gallery in Photocart

  1. Create a Gallery in Photo Cart that has the same name as the event you created in EZGo.
    • You can complete this step while the images are moving into the ‘barcode_ import’ folder
  2. Make sure you choose the following Gallery Settings:
  3. Photo Gallery – Create New Gallery


  • Enter expiration date – as the same date you have in EZGo
    • 7-10 days only!  (Do not give more than 10 days!)
    • Try not to end on a holiday
  • Select appropriate price list
    • THIS IS IMPORTANT… posting proofs to the wrong list causes a lot of issues!
  • Leave Defaults alone!  Verfy that:
    • Allow invite to gallery is checked
    • Gallery Type is Private
  • After you create the gallery, you need to activate the slideshow for the gallery. Go to the “More” tab, select “Slideshow,” choose music, and save.
    • You can listen to the music selections by going to your cart, choosing “Slideshow,” then Audio Files.
  • Go to the Splash Page Tab, check the box to “Use the Photo Cart Slideshow Add-on” as splash page.

Confirm Subgallery numbers

  1. Once all the files have been moved to the folder, in Photocart, go to the Gallery you created
  2. Go to the “More” tab
  3. Select “Barcode Import”
    1. Verify that the correct number of files were uploaded to the server.
  4. Select the “IMPORT” button
    1. This could take a couple of minutes depending on how many files you have and how fast your internet connection is.
  5. Make sure there is a barcode for each proof set.
    1. For barcodes that don’t read, enter barcode number in the field below the barcode image.  (You can review the entire proof set before clicking save)
    2. For proof sets without a barcode, select the “insert barcode” link and enter proof set number.
  6. If they do not have an account, create a subject in EZGo  – be sure to create them within the correct event.  This will give you the barcode number (same as sub-gallery number, or proof-set number).
  7. It is a good idea to double check your galleries with your stickers.  From the bottom up… follow along on your sticker sheet to ensure each gallery is created and has the correct number.
  8. Once all the images are with their proper barcode number and you are finished reviewing, choose the gray “Import Photos” button at the top of the page.
    1. You will see the status “You have photos waiting to be processed.”
    2. Scroll down the left side of the screen.  Find and click the “process photos” button.
    3. This process could take a couple of minutes.  You’ll see the images sort into their folders.   (The more files you have the longer this will take.)


Handling Upload Exceptions (Moving or Adding Images to a sub-gallery)

Handling exceptions…

Moving images from one gallery to another.

  • In the sub-gallery, select the images you need to move by clicking the first box under the image.  You will see the text “click to hold in tray”.
  • At the bottom in the tray, click “Move Photos” and select the sub-gallery you want to move the images to.
  • Finally, clear the photos from the tray.  See video:  Moving Images to a new gallery

Uploading images after initial upload.  If you already created the gallery with the initial upload and need to add or replace images, there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. In Photocart- go to the sub-gallery you need to add images to.  On the left side of the screen choose the link “Simple Upload – Upload 6 photos at a time” and select the source location for the images you need to add.  Be sure to upload web size files or this will take a long time…
  2. You can also re-post to the ftp site. The only difference here is, on the last step of the upload when you select “process files” you must go to the actual sub gallery to process the files.  Otherwise the files will be in limbo and not added to the sub-gallery.

See video:  Adding Images to existing Sub-Galleries

Watch video:  Uploading proof copies to the web

This video shows how to upload proofs to the web using an FTP client and failure recovery for the barcode import not working.

Watch video:  Barcode Import

This video shows barcode import procedures.  It covers:

  • What to do when EZGo does not recognize the barcode
  • When barcode is not photographed at the beginning of the session
  • Sorting files into sub-galleries
  • Checking proof sets to make sure of proper sorting
  • Marking barcodes that were not recognized by EZGo
  • Creating subgallery for proof sets that do not have a barcode