Using an excel spreadsheet to rename files

Published on November 29, 2016

Renaming Files

From time to time you may have a need to rename files.  For example if the school wants the files for their website or yearbook and wants the files named with their lastname_firstname.jpg.

In Preparation there is a couple things you need.

  1. You’ll need to download the xls file from our shared drive.  It is under the SRP Actions folder.  Look for the file named… File Rename Script with Instructions C drive.xlsx.
  2. You’ll need a list in excel of the files that need to be renamed, and the corresponding name you want the file name to be changed to.

Here are the Directions on how to use the xls file to rename files.

1. In Files List tab, put current file names in column A
2. List corresponding names that you want to rename files to in column B
3. Go to “Script” tab, copy each script line for every file to rename.
4. Paste script text into a notepad and save with .bat extension
5. Save the .bat file in the folder where the files you want to rename are
6. Make a Folder on your C Drive named C:\RenamedFiles\
7. Double Click the .bat file in windows explorer to run the batch script
8. Renamed files will be copied to C:\RenamedFiles Folder

NOTE: If you want the files to be saved somewhere other than C:\RenamedFiles, do a find and replace on the script.

Watch the video: