Using a remote retoucher to process files

Published on February 24, 2022

When you are ready to outsource, the first thing that you will want to consider is file processing.

Watch video:  Using Lightroom Smart Previews to send files to a remote retoucher

Use the Lightroom Smart Preview method to send and receive files.

  1. Create Shared Dropbox Drive with your Retoucher
  2. Photographer downloads images using Lightroom as per normal
  3. Export Catalog
    • File/Export as Catalog
    • Save in folder named “LR Catalogs to Retouch”
    • Make to check “Build/Include Smart Previews”
    • If you have already picked images, you can filter and choose to “Export Selected Photos Only”
  4. Compress (Zip) Catalog
    • Open folder with catalog, you should see 4 files
    • Select the 4 files, right click choose “Compress (Zip)”
    • Save Compressed folder to Shared Dropbox Folder
  5. Retoucher – Unzip & Open Catalog
    • There should be 4 files in the unzipped folder
    • Double click .lrcat file (should have a blue icon)
  6. Retoucher Adjusts
    • Make adjustments in Lightroom
    • When Lightroom is closed, the catalog has all the adjustments

 OPTION 1: Retoucher picks, crops & makes adjustments only

  • Photographer goes to shared dropbox
  • Opens Lightroom catalog (double clicks .lrcat file) – this catalog will have all the adjustments made by the retoucher.
  • Completes Quality Check and makes adjustments as needed
  • Export Files – completes process (Portrait Pro and Upload to EZGo)

OPTION 2: Retoucher picks, crops, makes adjustments & runs portrait pro

  • Retoucher picks and crops and adjusts files in Lightroom
  • Retoucher exports files (will give warning) that is ok, you are creating jpgs from the smart preview.
    • Size the jpgs at 3000 on the longest side as regular process.
  • Retoucher runs images through Portrait Pro on standard settings.
  • Saves retouched images in Shared Dropbox (if internet connection or speed is an issue, zip the retouched images)
  • Photographer downloads retouched jpgs, does quality check and uploads to EZGo.

OPTION 3:  Retoucher picks, crops, makes adjustments, runs portrait pro & Uploads to EZGo 

  • If you have complete confidence in your retoucher, you can give them a log-in to your CyberDuck and EZGo and they can upload them to your event.
  • Photographer checks event and sends out notifications.