Franchise Info

Franchise Information

Why own a Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise? 

  • Flexible (Family Friendly) Work
  • Super Fun Business Model for Creative People
  • Desirable product in any economic situation
  • Supportive HQ team is with you every step of the way


Investment and Revenue Potential

Our total investment is under $50K!  Our agile business model is lean and profitable.  


For about the

price of a


or a



  • Total Investment:  Under $50K

  • Minimum Liquid Capital *  35K

  • Revenue** 20K – 300K

  •   * Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.

    ** Refer to our FDD Item 19 for specifics on revenue projections.

Ideal Candidate

Do you love photography and working with children?

Picture yourself in a career capturing smiles and making memories! Join a franchise family that will help you build a thriving boutique preschool photography business and give you amazing work/life balance.

  •      Love Taking Pictures?
  •      Love Working With Children?
  •      Love Your Family & Community?
  • Are you great at making relationships?
  • Are you physically fit?
  • Motivated & persistent?

Meet our founder – Melissa Tash

The start of a beautiful thing…

Melissa was working as a payload crew trainer working on NASA’s International Space Station program when she had her first child.  Her love for photography was re-kindled as she captured her son’s milestones… and when friends and friends of friends started requesting she photograph their children… her custom photography business was born.  Over the next couple of years her business was booming… but there was a huge problem.  TIME.  Working a full time job and operating a full time photography business is not sustainable.   

It all changed one day, when a NASA friend walked into her office and said, “I wish you could take our pre-school pictures.”   With the help of systems and automation (and a very smart friend who developed an on-line ordering system), she was able to bring the same quality of her private photography clients to the preschool!   This new way of looking at pre-school portraits was so well received, her photography income quickly surpassed her engineering salary.   While she loved her position as a PAYCOM and crew trainer, her heart was with her photography business.    While building systems and automation for her business, her desire to help others do the same lead her to creating a franchise model.  

“We had such an amazing business model, that was supporting my family.   By franchising, I was able to help others have a successful, profitable business model.  We were doing it for our own location- why not share our knowledge and systems with others to bless their families?”  Now, it has become our life’s work to help our photography partners succeed.

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