Event Dates: Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Our family portrait day is great for families, siblings, cousins… or any family grouping you’d like! 

Grab a special friend and meet Spoiled Rotten Photography on our french cafe inspired set, Mon Ami. This modern cafe is serving up sweet treats and lasting memories. This experience is sure to bring joy to your little ones.

  • The session fee is only $35 and will be donated directly to your school.
  • Let us know if you have any special requests, or if you are bringing any special items, or anything else you’d like us to know to make your family portrait day a success! 
  • When you sign up, you’ll choose your own session time.


Pick an outfit to complement your child’s personality!  We love pastel tones such as mint, sage, blue, pinks, whites, or khakis. If you’d like to go more elegant, gold and sparkles look amazing on the Mon Ami set too! 

Add a bow tie or some suspenders to make any outfit stand out. Oh…and don’t forget unique jewelry pieces too.  These added touches will help show off your child’s individual flair!

Helpful hints to consider when dressing for family portraits:

    • Classic is ALWAYS in style.  Our goal is to give you a timeless image that is treasured for generations to come. Choosing simple classic clothing will help your images be timeless!
    • SOLIDS are BEST… Limit patterns.  Lots of patterns are distracting.  You can add a solid jacket over a busy pattern.  Or just have one person in a patterned outfit- then use the colors in the pattern to dress the other family members.
    • Choose coordinating colors – not matching. Everyone wearing matching outfits can be ok… but can also look a little dated.  Instead, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme. 


    • Lay all the outfits together and see how they look.  If one piece stands out more than the rest, it will in the portrait too.
    • Coordinate the colors of your clothing to the decor of the room where the portraits will be displayed.   
    • Get your outfits together now!  Don’t wait until the night before… outfits that you thought were clean and pressed may not be… or the kids may have GROWN! 

Check out the Mon Ami curated clothing guide and the Mon Ami Gallery for some outfit inspiration.  


Our photographers love to work with the personal items you send with your child… a lovie, blankies, fresh flowers, an heirloom toy, etc. When you register your child for mini-sessions, make sure you leave a note about the item you plan to send with your child so we make sure it gets included in a few portraits.

  • Send meaningful props to use in your portrait.  These portraits will be a wonderful reminder of your children at this age and their interests and passions.
  • Send fresh flowers, wooden toys, dolls, jewelry, a favorite stuffed animal or book, musical instrument, their lovie, or anything else your child loves!
  • Make sure to let us know when you register if you are sending a special item!  

  • View and order your images in your private on-line gallery.  
  • A typical proof set has 10-15 images.   
  • Share your gallery link with family and friends to show off your images!   
  • You have one week to make your selections. 

Investment:  8×10’s start at $25.  Packages start at $65 and are available with increasing discounts. Digital images are also available.  A digital artist custom crops and enhances each image, and portraits are professionally printed on archival paper.  See our mini-session packages and pricing.

DEPLOYED SPOUSE PROGRAM:  If you have a spouse deployed with the US Military, make note of this in the comments section when you order.  We’ll send a photo dog tag of your kiddo, so they can keep them close to their heart to say “Thank you for your service!”

FOSTER PARENT PROGRAM:  If you are a foster parent, we salute you!  We know this is a tremendous job, and we’d like to offer you a 30% discount on your portraits.  Ask your director for the foster parent coupon code.

Portraits will be delivered to your school for pick up.  We’ll send you an email when they are ready to pick up (usually 4 weeks after ordering).  Home shipping is also available (this is great for out-of town grandparents who order!)    


Spoiled Rotten Photography studios are locally owned by professional photographers who specialize in school and preschool portraits.  We are currently located in: Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL, Rogers, AR, Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Castle Rock, CO, Tallahassee, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Alpharetta, GA, Buckhead, GA, Kansas City, KS, St. Louis, MO, Springfield, MO, Omaha, NE, Charlotte, NC, Cary, NC, Raleigh, NC,  Durham, NC, Warren, OH, Cleveland, OH, Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC, Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Frisco, TX, Katy, TX, Lewisville, TX, Mansfield, TX, Plano TX, Prosper, TX, and San Antonio, TX.
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