“Your work truly goes beyond what one would expect.  I can  almost “hear” my children in their pictures. — You did such a marvelous job capturing their personalities!!!  My only regret was not ordering MORE!!!    Thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable gift with my family, and please know that these pictures will forever be displayed in our home.” ~ Caroline

Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my portraits.  I have three children and have had school/daycare pictures made before.  These are not your ordinary school pictures, they are portraits.  I want to hang these on my wall.  They capture the beauty and the innocence of each one of my children perfectly.  Thank you so much for giving me these memories!”   ~ Heather

“I forgot it was picture day and was upset when I realized my son was wearing a Superman t-shirt. There was nothing I could do at that point but get to work and accept that I wasn’t ordering pictures this time.  But to my delight, they turned my sweet boy into a real Superman by using his favorite Blankie as a cape!  The picture is adorable!”  ~ Jamie

super man

“The pictures were wonderful! I think the preschool setting is a great location since it is a familiar place for the children. It makes all the photography equipment less intimidating.” ~ Amy

“I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful portraits you took of my girls. I am amazed at your patience, which pays off because our pictures were perfect. Thank you for being so patient with my little one as she cried, then napped and finally smiled for the camera. You captured my children in a way that I see them as their mom and now I will have those images forever.” ~ Allison

“You take such beautiful pictures and can actually get my son to do a real smile instead of his lovely underbite smile!! ~ Renee

“They are always so patient and kind with the kids. Their quality of photos, cost, and editing is outstanding! I am looking forward to next year and many, many more years with Spoiled Rotten Photography!” ~ Alisha

“I love that my son’s “school” photos are so unique and special. As a first time mom, I cherish every photo of my baby.” ~ Lori

Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise

“I love the convenience of getting GREAT pictures at school/daycare!! Normally you get “school” pictures then have to go out and schedule a “real photographer” to get professional pictures. SRP changed that!! The time you all spend to obtain real life shot is outstanding.” ~ Christa

“Spoiled Rotten Photography captures the “image” inside and out of my child. I love how beautiful their backgrounds are,  how they come to the preschool where it is so much more convenient for our family, and that they are not the standard school photogs that put up a blue background and have the child sit and smile. I can get so many expressions from my child with SRP pics from happy to loving to serious to artistic to playful, etc. We never had this level of professionalism when we were in school. I am very grateful for SRP because photographs mean so much to me.” ~ Barbara