Professional Portraits in Huntsville

So important in today’s business climate!  Professional portraits make your organization look professional and trustworthy.  Put your company’s best faces forward and portray yourselves as the professionals you are! 


Individual Professional Portrait 

  • Session fee $250
    • Up to a half hour session in our studio
    • Includes 2 images of your choice with release for printing or digital use
    • Elegant professional retouching of each purchased file
    • Images are provided in color and black and white, with full resolution and web-sized images provided
    • Additional digital images are 75 per image

On site-studio sessions for companies or organizations

  • 250 session fee plus $125  per person (5-15 subjects)  
  • 250 session fee plus $100 per person (16-25 subjects)  
  • 25+ people, call for quote


  • Details 
    • We come to your location with our mobile studio
    • Includes 2 images of each subject with release for printing or digital use
    • Elegant professional retouching of each purchased file
    • Additional files available for $75 each

Session Tips

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great.
Please plan your clothing NOW to ensure a proper fit. A poor fitting shirt or jacket will be obvious in the your portrait.
Clothes should be pressed and look new. Please be mindful to choose clothing that does not wrinkle easily.
Choose solid colors. Please NO patterns or stripes. Small patterns on ties are acceptable.

Business Standard: dark suit, dress shirt and tie.
Business Casual: open jacket and dress shirt (no tie), shirt and tie (no jacket), or dress shirt on it’s own.
For a no-jacket casual look, bring colored shirts – ideally darker than your skin tone.
AVOID colors that are similar to your skin tone.
Bring a few different jackets, shirt colors and ties so we have choices for the photo.
Please be mindful of the time of your portrait, and the length of your facial hair.

Hair: Bring some gel / spray / brush to prepare right before the session. Simple styles are best.
Jewelry: Keep it simple and classic. Pearls are always nice, and classic, and they pick up light nicely. Diamond earrings always work. Simple necklaces.
Make up: A natural look is best. foundation should be evenly applied and should match your skin tone. Setting power is your friend.
Lips: There should be definition in your lips, but don’t over do it. One shade darker than you natural lip color should be fine.
Eyes: Pay attention to your eyebrows, have them shaped professionally if possible. Mascara is appropriate, black is usually the best choice. Eyeshadow should be subdued and not draw attention to your eye lids.
Blush: a little darker than your natural color for a rosy look. The edges of your blush should be gradual and not abrupt.

Questions?  Please contact Melissa Tash at 256-658-8275 or


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