Congratulations to our award winning photographers!

Published on September 12, 2017

Congratulations to our award winning photographers!

Each Spoiled Rotten Photographer is dedicated to improving their skills .  Image competition is a way for our photographers to gain recognition for their work and it is very much an exercise in learning!  Each image was scored on a scale of 1-100.  Portraits scoring 80 or above earned the distinction of “Image of Excellence.”  Judges critiqued each image based on the five characteristics of a Spoiled Rotten Portrait:   Award Winning Images

  1. It is Authentic

  2. It is technically Excellent

  3. It has flattering Posing

  4. It is Impactful

  5. It has pleasing Composition

Thank you to our esteemed master portrait artists and judges, Cyndi Hornsby and Donna Berryhill

Family Category

1st Place Family Category – Time Stands Still by Joy Thomas -Huntsville
2nd Place Family Category – I Hear You Sissy by Melissa Tash -Huntsville


Baby Category

1st Place Baby Category – Good Hair Day by Mark Treen -Charleston
2nd Place Baby Category – Hi by Will Smith -Nashville
3rd Place (tie) Baby Category – Little Boy Blue by Elizabeth Bailey -Alpharetta
3rd Place (tie) Baby Category – Mary Has A Little Lamb by Elizabeth Bailey -Alpharetta

School Aged Child Category

1st Place Older Child Category – Soul on Fire by Christine Mamon -Alpharetta
2nd Place Older Child Category – Game Dreaming by Katrina Gatta -Cleveland, Ohio
3rd Place Older Child Category – Here I Am-This Is Me by Jackie Kelly -Huntsville


Preschooler Category

1st Place Preschooler Category – MY Puppy by Melissa Tash -Huntsville
2nd Place Preschooler Category; Judges Choice Award – Joyful Heart by Elizabeth Powel -McKinney/Allen
3rd Place Preschooler Category – Promise You Won’t Tell by Heather Sams -Colorado Springs, CO


Toddler Category

1st Place Toddler Category; Judge’s Choice Award – Santa’s Sweet Pea by Heather Sams -Colorado Springs, CO
2nd Place Toddler Category – Heartbreaker by Kara Kellner -Birmingham
3rd Place Toddler Category – Flying the Friendly Skies by Dianna Harriet -Denver

Sibling Category

1st Place Sibling Category – Watch Out World by Amy Bell -Plano


Distinguished Images

There are only so many awards that can be given, but the judges felt that these images were excellent, and gave them a “distinguished” designation!  Each of them scored over 80, earning their creator a merit for these images.