Family Portrait Day

Published on March 13, 2017


Beautiful {family} Portraits!

Serendipity!  (sĕr′n-dĭp′ĭ-tē) [noun] The happy fortune of receiving beautiful portraits at your school by Spoiled Rotten Photography.  Our mission is to create beautiful portraits!    Not just a “school picture” but a lasting, classic, endearing portrait of your child that you will adore!  Our spring set, Serendipity, is just the right amount of fun and the right amount of classic to create an adorable, timeless portrait!

Portraits will be created at Kara’s House Saturday, March 11, 2017

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There is no sitting fee or obligation to purchase. 
If you would like your family and/or child’s portrait created…

Sign up HERE!    

2.  Choose clothing and props to coordinate with the Serendipity Set!

Choose classic or fun clothing styles in solid colors or small prints. yellow, pink, blue, lavender, cream, and white look fabulous!   Avoid bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing. 

STYLE TIP: Add layers & accessories (hats, jackets, scarfs, jewelry). This is a great way to add variety to your images and gives your portrait depth and dimension.  

SEND PROPS:  Send a favorite toy or other special item (wooden blocks, a lovie, favorite book, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc).

Click Images below to see our Serendipity Gallery, and Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas on how to dress your children!

3. Come to Kara’s dressed in your portrait clothes, accessories, and props. 

Don’t forget your special items to include in your portrait!  
Please come at your assigned time!

4. View your images in your private on-line gallery.  

A typical proof set has 10-15 images.  
You can share your access code with family and friends to show off your images!  

5. Order on-line. 

8x10s start at $25.  Packages start at $65 and are available with increasing discounts.  Digital images are also available.  A digital artist custom crops and enhances each image, and portraits are professionally printed on archival paper.

If you have a spouse deployed with the US Military, make note of this in the comments section when you order.
Deployed military spouses will receive a special complimentary gift.

6. Pick Up your portraits.  

Since this is not a school event, please select home shipping. (this is great for out-of town grandparents that order!).

Spoiled Rotten Photography studios are locally owned by professional photographers who specialize in boutique school and preschool portraits.  We are currently located in: Huntsville, AL, Franklin, TN, Alpharetta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Charlotte, NC, Colorado Springs, CO, Charleston, SC, Wilmington, NC, Denver, CO, Castle Rock, CO, Plano TX, and Frisco, TX.  For more information about Spoiled Rotten Photography, please visit our website:  For franchise information please CLICK HERE.