Focus on Autism 2015 – Preschool Photography Franchise Offers Complimentary Portraits for Children living with ASD

Published on April 28, 2015

April is Autism Awareness Month.  And with everything going on in April… we decided to wait until May to have our 5th Annual Focus on Autism Portraits!

This year’s sessions will be 8-11 am on Saturday, May 16th.

If you have a child living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) we would like to give you a portrait session and 11×14 wall portrait of your child.  If you would like to participate in our program- it’s easy!  Just sign up.   Then we’ll contact you to talk a little about the session, plan your clothing, and schedule your time.    We hope to accommodate everyone, but  If we have more applicants than we have slots, we will give priority to children that we have never photographed at this event in the past, and then to ones who were not photographed last year.

***** Sign up by Wednesday May 6th,  we will contact everyone on Monday May 11th with instructions on your session to include time and location*****

Just Sign Up Here:   Focus on Autism

**** You will get an auto email back as if you were signing up for a school…. no worries, all sessions are on May 16th- we’ll let you know your time****

When:  Saturday, May 16th

Where:  The Greenway, at the Village of Providence

What:  Complimentary portrait session & 11×14 Wall Portrait

We are offering a complimentary 11×14 from the session & no obligation to purchase, but other images will be available to order on-line at Spoiled Rotten Photo prices. This year, all proceeds are donated to an amazing organization TACA ( that is dedicated to giving real help and hope to families affected by autism.


Focus on Autism 2014 from MelissaTash on Vimeo.

A little History:

If any of you are on my Facebook page, or read this blog post you know about our sweet girl who lives with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In 2006, I photographed a school that had several preschoolers on the autism spectrum.  Caroline was still a toddler and we had no clue that she was on the spectrum.  To be honest, I did not really know what autism was.   Our preschool photography company, Spoiled Rotten Photography,  is not your ordinary school picture company- we work tirelessly to get wonderful portraits of each and EVERY child.  One child came to be photographed and his shadow (or aide) was with him.  We worked and worked with him… and I remember feeling relieved when we finally got one shot of him smiling.    What I didn’t realize until his mother called me… it was the first picture they had ever gotten with their son smiling.    WOW!

Caroline had her good friend and ASD classmate over for a play-date.  His mother told me that they had not had a professional photo of their son since he was 3 (he is now 7) because “photographers just don’t know what to do with him.”    There are many other events in between 2006-2013 that have inspired me to have a day, just for kids like mine, where the photography staff understands ASD, and will work to capture the beautiful spirit that lives in each and every one of our kids.

See here for a blog post about 2011’s ASD portrait day, and here for 2012, and here for 2013.