LLCA Info – Athens School Photography

Published on August 6, 2012

LLCA Parents!  We are so excited to be back with you again this year!  We love working with your sweet school each year and look forward to seeing your children’s sweet faces!

Our Fall portraits at LLCA are ELECTIVE!  That means, you have to sign up if you want us to photograph your child.   Our Schedule:

Mane Campus, Tuesday, Aug 21st
Cub Campus Wed, Aug 22nd


Choose either 165-LLCA (Mane Campus) or  181- LLCA (Cub Campus) when you register.

If you’d like more info on our program (including pricing), click here

Portrait day is a NON-UNIFORM day!   Our set for the fall is the Savannah Set.    Dressing for the Fall Set:  The Savannah Set is so rich and has great textures.  You can not go wrong with any fall color.  Greens, Golds, Browns, Blues, Purples, or Creams will look amazing!   Remember, we want the focus to be on your child’s beautiful face, so bold stripes or big patterns would be distracting.  Solids or tiny patterns would be best.  Jackets are a great way to add variety to your images.  Hats and scarfs are welcome too (we’ll make sure to address any hair issues caused by head wear!)  Remember to send any item that your child loves!

Take a look at some of the images below for some ideas on what might look great on your child.