Becoming Spoiled Rotten… Photography Franchise Training

Published on October 10, 2017

How do you become Spoiled Rotten?

We call it Franchise Owner Training.  Two weeks of 10 hr days behind a camera, in front of a computer, pouring through an extensive operations manual, learning new things, with tons of laughter, fun, and outtakes along the way.  But it never ends there.  At Spoiled Rotten Photography, we fully embrace the concept of continuous improvement — we’re always learning, growing, and developing our talents.  Sometimes it doesn’t even start here.  

Some of our franchise owners have very little experience with professional cameras and lights when they decide to join our family.  That’s OK!  We start their education as soon as they are awarded a franchise!  That’s right!  We now provide online photography pre-training.   It’s also a great way for our new owners to get to know one another before they come to onsite training, because we host several video conferences along the way.   

The first week of onsite training we concentrate on lighting and composing beautiful authentic studio portraits.  We have a lot of fun creating portraits of each other.   One thing that’s really cool is that our cameras have a built in wifi… Can you see me in the corner looking at the image on my phone?  This is awesome for training because we can give immediate feedback on the portraits as soon as they are created.  

And the results?  Here are our latest 3 photographers in training… 


On the left is Elizabeth… she is opening her franchise in McKinney/Allen, Texas.  In the middle is Katrina from Cleveland, Ohio.  On the right is Julie from our Nashville location who, after a couple of years of assisting, has now become a photographer.  Aren’t they beautiful?   Each of these amazing women have a warm loving heart for children and they ALL have a background in Special Education!

So we modeled for each other first, and then we had many more amazing models come to us!  We got lots of hand’s on experience developing our in-studio portrait techniques!  Here are a few of my favorite portraits from our first sessions that week.

Next, we practiced our fine portrait techniques in a preschool environment!  Two of my favorite things about training — we are creating sustainable photography businesses that will support growing families, and we get the opportunity to give back to our community.  Plus, we always make friends, too!  These cuties LOVED their portrait sessions so much they decided to hang out with us for a while…  I’m thinking SRP franchise owners of the future…?

Check out more of our amazing portraits created during our first week…

During our second week of training, we learned outdoor lighting!  

Here are a few of the amazing kiddos from our outdoor lighting sessions…

Nothing is impossible with the right attitude, an operations manual… and of a lot of caffeine!

So that’s it — another round of owner training in the books!  Our next training session is scheduled for Oct. 29-Nov. 9th.  If you know of a highly motivated person who loves children and photography, please send them our way.  We’d love to meet them!