Providence Porch Portraits – Meet your Neighbors – The Hippleheuser Family!

Published on April 30, 2020
Meet the Hippleheuser Family, Chris, Kati, Taylor, Haley and our dog Bill of Battery Street!   So happy to meet this sweet family!  This project has been so awesome for me, I LOVE getting to know my neighbors.  (It makes walks less efficient if you are trying to exercise, but makes life so RICH!)   We have a lot of connections… they are an Army Family (I’m a Army vet too), they are from Co Springs (we have a franchise there) they work on the Arsenal (I worked on the Arsenal for 10 years) , they have a labradoodle (I WANT a labordoodle!  Still trying to talk Jamie into a dog).  And little did I know it, but our company had photographed these sweet girls before at their preschool.   Without further ado, meet the Hippleheusers!

How long have you lived in the Village of Providence?  1.5 years

What is your favorite thing about living in the Village?  A sense of community

Tell us about your family!   We are Army veteran transplants from Colorado Springs who are now contractors for Radiance Technologies.  We work on Redstone supporting the Army.  We love our family time and raising our girls.

How are y’all doing with social distancing?  Full time working, teaching, adulting, and parenting is HARD. Trying not to be too hard on ourselves and always keeping laughter in our house is helpful…
What is one interesting fact about your family?  We used to run a Tshirt business

What else?   Bill is our miniature labradoodle;  Kati is learning to sew and loves to sing in the church choir; Chris enjoys making wood furniture and fitness.