Providence Porch Portraits – Meet your Neighbors – Mark and Polly Chatham

Published on April 24, 2020

Providence Porch Portraits 

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mark and Polly Chatham on Meeting Street!   The beauty of living in one place for a long time, is that you get to know and have many shared experiences and friendships with your neighbors.  Mark and Polly were one of the first neighbors we meet when we moved to the Village.  In the early years, we had several gatherings, parties and get-togethers.  Mark and Polly were usually there, with smiling faces.  Mark, usually teasing our kids, he’d tell them, “Hey, where’s that dollar you owe me?”  Makes me smile to remember these sweet times with our young family.  It was an often occurrence to see Mark or Polly walking their pups on the greenway, and ALWAYS a pleasant exchange.  These two positive people have helped make our experience living in this beautiful Village exceptional.  I am proud to call them friends.

How long have you lived in the Village of Providence?  15 years

What is your favorite thing about living in the Village? Our neighbors! We have made so many great friends here.

Tell us about your family!   We are both natives of the north Alabama area. We decided to move to Huntsville since we both worked here and we got tired of the crazy I-565 commute.

Tell us about your occupation!  Mark is retired. Polly is an Attorney with the Army.

Any tips you have to keeping happy and healthy while social distancing?   Front porch sitting gives us the opportunity to see lots of neighbors while maintaining a social distance.
What is one interesting fact about your family?    We are both UA graduates, but are AU fans!
Tell us about what you like to do!    Mark plays golf. Polly has all of the equipment to play!

We love to laugh and try to have fun with everything we do!

Our little Galey girl was born on our 31st wedding anniversary and will celebrate her first birthday on May 28.