Providence Porch Portraits – Meet your Neighbors! The Witt Family on Benefit St

Published on April 22, 2020

Providence Porch Portraits 

Today, I’d like to introduce Fran and Scott Witt of Benefit Street.  The first thing I noticed when arriving was the small flag with 2 stars in their window… noting respect for 2 service members.    Being an army veteran myself, I am always eager to hear other’s service stories.   Both Fran and Scott are retired Navy Cryptologists.   Like code breakers, really smart science, numbers people… that’s what I envision cryptologists to be!  They didn’t tell me any interesting stories in our 5 min. session… but I am all ears and will have tons of questions for them next time I see them… hmmmm, wonder if they will be able to tell me anything… maybe it’s top secret!  Either way, it was easy to see their affinity for each other, the smiles and laughs came easy to them…  and they were just a delight to photograph.  They did tell me that they were kinda new to the neighborhood and looked forward to getting to know more neighbors…. so if you see them out on a walk, send them some friendly signals… they will be able to decipher them (ok, that was funny in my head) probably not so much in writing!

How long have you lived in the Village of Providence?      1 year

What is your favorite thing about living in the Village?      Walking the neighborhood

Tell us about your family! We’re both retired Navy cryptologists. Fran does a lot of volunteer work and Scott plays the banjo and teaches at UA/OLLI (History of Cryptography).

Any tips for your neighbors on social distancing?       Taking long walks helps. We have a rowing machine and I figure I’m halfway to Hawaii by now.

What is one interesting fact about your family?       We have a couple of cats that do what we tell them to, mostly. We don’t know why.

Tell us about what you like to do! Dine out. Long drives with the car club. Read and write. Play music.