Cap and Gown Portraits – Rainbow CCC – Bailey Cove

Published on March 2, 2017

cap and gown portraits huntsville

Rainbow CCC – Bradford Drive – Wednesday, May 10th

We can’t wait to create your child’s  Cap and Gown Portraits!  There is no sign up for this session, if your child is in K4 class, we will create their cap and gown portrait!  


Your school’s cap and gowns are RED. Some of your child’s clothing may show under the gown, please dress them in a plain white shirt with no writing or patterns near the neckline.  Shirts with collars are great, but please make sure they are neat and ironed. Ties for boys makes a nice appearance under the gown.

Please make sure that your child’s hair is fixed where they can wear a cap neatly. (Please do not use large bows or other hair accessories, please avoid pony-tails on the top of the head.)

Check out some of their sample images here:
Cap and Gown Gallery


We ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up… and the images are SOOOOOO Cute!!! If you have any props that match your child’s chosen occupation… please send them!  Would be adorable for a doctor to bring a stethoscope, a fireman to bring a fireman’s hat, a ballerina to bring ballerina shoes, teacher to bring an apple… etc!

Cap and Gown Picture

We also ask the kids to write their own names.  So cool to have an image of them with their name written in their own handwriting!

Cap and Gown Huntsville