St. Luke’s Children Center Mini Sessions Sept. 25th – 26th 2017 – Sign Up Today!

Published on August 31, 2017

Beautiful {school} Portraits! …. at your school!

Our Mission:  Create beautiful portraits!    Not just a “school picture” but a lasting, classic, endearing portrait of your child that you will adore!

1.  SIGN UP!

Sign up to have your child photographed at St. Luke’s Children Center during our elective fall portrait session on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 25th – 26th 2017.  There is no sitting fee or obligation to purchase, but this session is ELECTIVE.  We will only photograph your child (and siblings) if you sign up.

SIGN UP HERE by Wednesday. 20th

2.  What to Wear?

Classic or fun clothing styles in SOLID or SMALL PRINTS. Black, Brown, Gold, Hunter Green, Dark Red and Cream look amazing! Add layers and accessories (hats, jackets, bow-ties and jewelry).  This is a great way to add variety to your images and gives your portrait depth and dimension.

AVOID: Bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing.

SEND: fresh flowers, wooden toys, dolls, jewelry, a favorite stuffed animal or book, musical instrument, their lovie or anything else your child loves!

Click Images below to see our Fantastic Fall Gallery, and Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas on how to dress your children!


3. Send your children to school with their portrait clothes, accessories, and props. 

Don’t forget your special items to include in your portrait!   Your school will tell you your assigned day.

4. View your images in your private on-line gallery.  

You will have multiple images to select from. You can share your access code with family and friends to show off your images!

5. Order on-line. 

8x10s start at $20.  Packages start at $20 and are available with increasing discounts.  Digital images are also available.  A digital artist custom crops and enhances each image, and portraits are professionally printed on archival paper.

6. Pick Up your portraits.  

Portraits will be delivered to your school.  Home shipping is also available (this is great for out-of town grandparents that order!).