What Parents are saying about SRP – Photography Franchise

Published on January 9, 2013

I just really wanted to take some time to let you know what a wonderful job you did photographing Emily, Elizabeth, Charlie, and Patch.  You were so genrous with your time and made sure you gave each of the kids their own “time to shine.”  When the pictures came in, I was so taken with how rich the colors were.  As a teacher at the preschool, I was able to see many of the orders, and they were all so breathtaking.  Your work truly goes beyond what one would expect.  I can  almost “hear” my children in their pictures. — You did such a marvelous job capturing their personalities!!!  My only regret was not ordering MORE!!!    Thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable gift with my family, and please know that these pictures will forever be displayed in our home. Much gratitude, Caroline Hearn

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful portraits you took of my girls. I am amazed at your patience, which pays off because our pictures were perfect. Thank you for being so patient with my little one as she cried, then napped and finally smiled for the camera. You captured my children in a way that I see them as their mom and now I will have those images forever. Thanks so much.   Allison Thomas

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my portraits.  I have three children and have had school/daycare pictures made before.  These are not your ordinary school pictures, they are portraits.  I want to hang these on my wall.  They capture the beauty and the innocence of each one of my children perfectly.  Thank you so much for giving me these memories!   Heather Hall

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding pictures you took of my son, Tyler.  The expressions you were able to capture in that short amount of time were priceless. I will admit that I was one of those “Moms” that wanted to be there when his pictures were taken, but after going online and seeing the quality of work that you do, it truly put my mind at ease and the results were exactly what I had hoped for.  You do exceptional work and I will definitely give your name if someone should perhaps inquire on where to go.   Again thank you,   Jackie Kelly, Mom of Tyler Kelly 9 Mos.

Thank you so much for coming to MCDC and making pictures.  You do outstanding work. I was very pleased last year and again this year.  I loved all of my daughter’s pictures.  You provide quality pictures and affordable prices as well.  I appreciate your time and dedication with each child.  Thanks again for the great job! Have a great day!   Vicki Wampler

I have to tell you that everyone who has seen Kyle’s pictures are so impressed with your work.  I am so pleased with all the pictures and thrilled that you captured such amazing shots. People keep saying that he looks like a Ralph Lauren model in these pictures. Thank you for the excellent work.   Carol Lyon ~Survey respondents were asked, “Tell us about your experience with Spoiled Rotten Photography”

It was great. All I had to do was show up with them dressed. She got the perfect photos! – Heather Hall

Excellent – great portraits, costs are low for the quality, Melissa is good with the kids… – Ann Bathew

Melissa is great to work with and really helped us get the best pictures of our children. We are so pleased…AGAIN! – Amy Jupin

Excellent! I love my pictures and I think you were very professional. You did a wonderful job and I am sure we will use you again in the future. – Lynne Davis

I thought Melissa did a great job with my children! My daughter came home talking about her portrait session excitedly, and she is usually slow to warm up to people.

The experience was great! It’s important for a photographer to connect with the children to get good pictures, and that was definitely the case in every session with my daughter.

I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of these pictures even though my child was not participating in the experience very well. Even though she was crying and didn’t want her picture taken, these photos are the most beautiful I have of my child. – Michelle Woods

They were wonderful photos and the on-line viewing and ordering made it that much easier. – Karen Owen

Great! Peyton was very comfortable with Melissa and her staff. Her style of photography is exactly what I was looking for. – Susan Garrett

I had a great experience with Spoiled Rotten Photography. The pictures were great, the prices were reasonable and the turn around time was very quick. – Samantha Killian

Melissa was a very patient and persistent on getting a good picture of a very crabby and uncooperative 3 year old. Her editing of my print made for an absolutely perfect portrait!

Very impressed with the quality of the portraits – Helen Stinson

I absolutely look forward to every session with Melissa. Your photographs of Mitchell and the other children just bring out true expressions that we as parents want to treasure forever. Melissa works with the children so well, even when they are having a bad day she knows how to turn on the sunshine. – Sheila Dashoff

I love the candid natural shots. The photo enhancements add a nice touch. – Alyssa Bermea

Fantastic. Some of the best pictures I have ever had done.  Melissa’s patience with my children resulted in beautiful photos and EXACTLY what I was looking for. – Allison Thomas

The photos were wonderful. Backdrop excellent. The staff was very polite, flexible and child friendly. – Meredith Richter

The pictures were wonderful! I think the preschool setting is a great location since it is a familiar place for the children. It makes all the photography equipment less intimidating. – Amy Edwards

I was very pleased with Spoiled Rotten Photography. My portraits were beautiful! – Vicki Wampler

Your pictures are the best.   -Nikki Little

You take such beautiful pictures and can actually get my son to do a real smile instead of his lovely underbite smile!! -Renee Newton

The photos of Trooper are just amazing.  I love each and every one! -Mitzi  johnson

You always take such beautiful photos of my girls. And they always capture their personalities perfectly! -Cori Chase

I love Spoiled Rotten Photography because I forgot it was picture day and was upset when I realized my son was wearing a Superman t-shirt. There was nothing I could do at that point but get to work and accept that I wasn’t ordering pictures this time.  But to my delight, they turned my sweet boy into a real Superman by using his favorite Blankie as a cape!  The picture is adorable! -Jamie miller

So adorable and original -Robin Bellomy

I love your photography because I can always get a natural look. My children don’t look posed and uncomfortable!  Love, love the portraits! The photographers are pretty GREAT too! -Kim Holland

I love the non-traditional school pictures! -Ashley DeHaye

I am so thankful Spoiled Rotten has been taking our children’s pictures at Kids of the Kingdom Preschool! They are always so patient and kind with the kids. Their quality of photos, cost, and editing is outstanding! I am looking forward to next year and many, many more years with Spoiled Rotten Photography! -Alisha Crunk

I love Spoiled Rotten Photography because they have always been able to capture the beauty and personality of both my boys. I will always cherish the photos of Lucas and Samuel. I’m thankful they were the photographers for Trinity CDC!  -Donna Young

Very talented photographers! Love how you capture the sweetness and character of each child 🙂  -Paula Newton

This is the first time that we were able to use Spoiled Rotten Photography and I am so very thankful! My little man is on the spectrum and we have not had pictures taken of him since he was a year old. The last time we did it just seemed like the photographer was getting frustrated with him so we have been scared to get any other professional pictures taken of him. Thank you so much Spoiled Rotten Photography!! I love his pictures!!! 🙂 -Lindsay Ingram

Love the pictures!!!! -Lori Quillen

You do such beautiful work of these precious children. -Toni Robertson

Melissa and her team of photographers at Spoiled Rotten Photography are top notch. They deliver excellent photographs every time they come to photograph the children at the various preschools. I always look forward to when SRP comes to  my son’s preschool. I have never been disappointed in the photographs taken by SRP. They truly know how to capture the spirit, innocence, and heart of each child. Children are not always cooperative, but SRP always manages to get great pictures of each and every child photographed. I love to look back at the pictures from over the past 4 years of my son taken by SRP. Truly they are images to cherish as he grows each year. Thank you Spoiled Rotten Photography for all you do!  -DeShwan Mojica

I love that my son’s “school” photos are so unique and special. As a first time mom, I cherish every photo of my baby. -Lori Larkin

You captured my son’s natural smile in a beautiful outdoor setting! -Melanie Hall

Beautiful beautiful photos! -Stephanie Richardson

We love you cause you take time to capture moments that will last a life time- and you all are very patient with the kids. -Kelly Ballard

Yall take amazing pictures !! I love having Daniel’s pictures with yall, the way that yall have him pose and look so grown up 🙂  also I get so many comperments on the photos at work and they are a huge hit !!! Keep up the amazing work !!!!!! -Laura Percer

I love that you can always get a great picture of my little boy! The backgrounds are always so unique. Thanks for the great work! -Amber Reichardt

They are really awesome photos. You do a great job!!! -Stephanie Schamban

I love the convenience of getting GREAT pictures at school/daycare!! Normally you get “school” pictures then have to go out and schedule a “real photographer” to get professional pictures. SRP changed that!! The time you all spend to obtain real life shot is outstanding. We have SRP pictures of Branson all over the house and my office. No one can believe they were taken at his daycare. Great idea!!! -Christa Burbank

Spolied Rotten Photography has this unique way of capturing that “perfect” shot. Posed or not. Each photograph has so much personality. Great work!!!  -Karen Thomas

My son is autistic.  It is extremely difficult to get Jack to smile at a camera, look at a camera and or just to sit still.  Spoiled Rotten Photography (Melissa Tash) is the only person that has been able to capture amazing pictures of Jack looking at the camera, smiling and looking so happy! Over the years we have used Spoiled Rotten and have your photos lining our walls! The sets are beautiful too! We also love that Melissa does a special needs photo shoot where she donates her time and a free 8×10 to parents of children with special needs.  Thank you! -Amanda Jolly

Spoiled Rotten Photography captures the “image” inside and out of my child. I love how beautiful their backgrounds are. I love how they come to the preschool where it is so much more convenient for our family. I love that they are not the standard school photogs that put up a blue background and have the child sit and smile. I can get so many expressions from my child with SRP pics from happy to loving to serious to artistic to playful, etc. We never had this level of professionalism when we were in school. I am very grateful for SRP because photographs mean so much to me. To be able to capture the growth physically and emotionally from my child with SRP photos is very fulfilling to me spiritually. -Barbara Self

The pictures are priceless and the photographer is wonderful! -Jordan Thorn

The photos are beautiful. Every photo I have seen seems to capture the true beauty of each child without having that over the top “photoshop” look.  -Dusty Sivley

My child use to be a student at Premier Preschool, and the best pictures I have of her are from Spoiled Rotten Photography -Tiara Griffin

Amazing photos of such young wiggly kids! -Gaye Jones

Because you take pictures that spoil us rotten…The best!  It would be hard to settle for anything less now after seeing your work. -Jewell Bryant

Spoiled Rotten photos have such an amazing quality. -Cathy Gifford

They are my favorite pictures decorating several areas in my house now!  I am never disappointed with the pics of my children by Spoiled Rotten! -Elizabeth Dugan

Spoiled Rotten has come to the school where I work for years and I always look forward to seeing all of the student’s pictures from every class. You all do an amazing jobs capturing pure innocence, absolutely beautiful. -Whitney Pettus


Spoiled Rotten Photography- Parent Testimonials from MelissaTash on Vimeo.