Huntsville Newsletter – February 2018

Published on February 8, 2018

Happy Spring!!

I know it’s not quite Spring and we are still waiting on the warmer weather, but we just can’t keep our new spring set to ourselves anymore!!  We are way too excited about spring pastels, Easter bonnets and shiplap!!  Need I say more?

In This Newsletter…

  1.   Take better Instagram Photos!
  2.   Beautiful Spring Portraits… at your school!  See our new spring set!
  3.   Need an updated family portrait?  Family Portrait Day Announced!
  4.   We WON!!!  Look at our award winning images!
  5.   Have a little graduate in your family?  Let us capture their BIG Personality!
  6.   See how we love our community!

1. How to take better Instagram Photos

Would you love to show off pictures in your Instagram feed?  It’s easy to improve your photos for Instagram and you can start by following these 5 simple steps.  

  1. Lighting is the key. Make sure your subject is near a window if inside, but not in direct light.  If you are outside, put your subject in the shade to avoid harsh shadows.  Avoid shooting at night when possible, the low light availability causes blurriness in your images. 
  2. Don’t use the Instagram camera. Instead, take your pictures with your phone’s camera or try using the Camera+ app.  Both will create better images with more clarity.  
  3. Use better editing apps. Instagram’s filters have been outdone by better apps including VSCO, Camera +, Photoshop Express, and many more.   If you want to up your photography game, then you need better filters and editing options. 
  4. Get creative. Use different angles, compositions, and vary the distance from your subject.  Don’t be afraid to take many pictures and choose your fav.  Playing around will stretch your creativity and help you develop more originality.
  5. Add blur. The blur function within Instagram is a great mimic to the “shallow depth of field” that can only be created with manual focus cameras.   If you’d like a bit more attention on your subject, try using blur on the background.

2. Shiplap+Your Child=Beautiful Spring (school) Portraits

Let Spoiled Rotten Photography produce your boutique quality portraits, conveniently created at your child’s school.

  • Our spring set, “Shiplap,” is a blend of a little bit farmhouse, a little bit cottage, and a whole lot of focus on your children.  You have beautiful children, so you should have beautiful portraits of them! 
  • Are we on your school’s calendar?  Click HERE to see if your child’s school has scheduled spring Shiplap elective portraits or Campus Candids.
  • Not scheduled?  CALL US NOW!  256-715-5262



3. Family Portrait Days!  Feb 24 and May 5th

Join us for a special session where we celebrate FAMILY!    We’ve partnered with Rainbow Child Care Center (Research Park) on Feb 24th and Hampton Cove Preschool on May 5th to bring you Family Portrait Days.

  • Anyone can get an awesome portrait created!
  • Our fabulous Megan will be photographing both sessions

Saturday, Feb 24th – Click Here SOLD OUT

Saturday, May 5th – Click Here



4. Our Photographers and Models are Awesome!  See our award winning images!

Congratulations to our photographers who recently participated in the annual Spoiled Rotten Photography Image Competition.  All 5 of our local photographers submitted images that were recognized as images of excellence  in the competition. Congratulations to Melissa Tash, Megan Bourrell, Jackie Kelly, Tiavalya Befecadu and Becky Weis for a job well done!!  

See all of our Award Winning Images!



5.  Little Graduates… BIG PERSONALITY!

Cap and Gown portraits are a wonderful way to celebrate graduating Kindergarten or Preschool!  

The kids are so full of life, confidence and fun!   Let us capture their BIG personalities with this special session!  

If your school needs Cap & Gown portraits… call us NOW!  256-715-5262

CLICK HERE for more!



6. We LOVE…. Our Community!

The Huntsville Spoiled Rotten Team was recognized recently for their advocacy work.  In 2017, they donated many hours and over $2500 to local and national charities. 

  • Provided Stress Free Portrait Sessions to Huntsville Families that live with Autism
  • Donated over $1,200 to Talk About Curing Autism
  • Created beautiful Self-Esteem building portraits to the young ladies of the OMYLA 
  • Donated over $1,000 to Hurricane Harvey Relief through PPA Charities

We encourage each of our photographers to become deeply involved in their communities and we’re proud to recognize them at our annual conference for supporting local charities in each of their respective cities. Click HERE for more information about the organizations we support.


"The whole thing really is a breath of fresh air"

"Spoiled Rotten Photography has allowed me to earn enough money a couple days a week and still be home when my son gets out of school. That’s because Spoiled Rotten Photography is not only a proven financial profitable business model but as a franchise is a system that just works. The whole thing really is a breath of fresh air from taking pictures to getting money in my account. I truly enjoy what I do, bring joy to kids. I know parents cherish the art I make. And my family loves my job almost as much as I do."

Mark Treen, Charleston, SC

"This business model is tried and true."

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Spoiled Rotten Photography family! It was exactly what my career needed. I have been a professional photographer for 20 years. By joining SRP I have not only improved as a photographer but also a business person. This business model is tried and true. SRP is a huge blessing in my life and has affected my family in such wonderful ways. What I appreciate the most is the support I receive to achieve success. It is constant and genuine. The help is always there. I have never once felt like I had to figure anything out on my own. I love being an SRP owner and highly recommend if you are looking for a place to soar that you consider this dynamic company. You will be welcomed by a warm community of owners and can hit the ground running in a prosperous way.”

Heather Sams, Owner – SRP Colorado Springs

"SRP helped us achieve our dreams."

“My husband and I have always shared a passion for entrepreneurship. And I have always needed a creative outlet and photography provided that. I piddled with a custom business for a few years and had a little success. But I felt like it could be more profitable. Spoiled Rotten Photography came home in my sons cap & gown pictures and I could immediately see an opportunity. After much investigation, I realized that owning a franchise was the way to go. Spoiled Rotten Photography has given me the entrepreneurship opportunity I had always wanted, an outlet to express my creativity, and a profitable opportunity to provide for my family, all while not having to re-invent the wheel by going it alone. Spoiled Rotten Photography is something that I could have never created on my own. Spoiled Rotten Photography helped us achieve our dreams.”

Kara & Scott Kellner, Birmingham, AL

"Buying into a turnkey business took all the stress and worry out"

“My biggest strain in life was always trying to find “balance”. Making the decision to buy into a turnkey business that was ready and waiting for me took all the stress and worry out of failure and allowed me the opportunity to focus on the things that mattered most to me…being creative, contributing to my family’s income and being the wife and Mom I deserved to be. Buying into the Spoiled Rotten franchise has not only given me ongoing guidance, support and the experience of a proven business model, I have also found my balance by having the schedule I want and the time I need to be to live my life the way I choose. Having come from a corporate background where my schedule was dictated to me, I love the freedom and flexibility that being a part of Spoiled Rotten allows in my life. The icing on the cake is also being a partner in this business with my sister and best friend. Don’t believe the hype that you can’t work with family. Joining forces with someone who has the same goals, and values can make you an unstoppable team!”

Patricia Mesi, Alpharetta, GA

"Spoiled Rotten Photography has turned my passion for photography into a dream career."

“Photography has always been a passion, and Spoiled Rotten Photography has turned it into a dream career. The love and support all owners receive within the franchise is amazing. The combination of photographing little ones and being a part of this PURPLE family is a wonderful blessing, and I will be forever grateful.”

Dianna Harriet, Denver, CO

"We were blown away with the quality and imagery"

“We looked at several photography franchise opportunities  and were blown away with the quality and imagery we consistently saw from each SRP location.  We know how important it is to capture these memories and SRP does it in such a beautiful way!  When we saw what SRP was offering & the beautiful portraits they were offering in preschools, we knew we wanted to bring this opportunity to Katy, TX.”

– One year later – “What a difference a year makes. Last July Sandi and I finished our Spoiled Rotten Photography new Franchisee training. We were very excited about all that we had just learned and we put our faith in God that this was his will for us. In August, I was “surplused” from ATT and had an empty planner that I needed to be filled. We were blessed with a great fall season and had about 25% of our spring season booked. The spring season got so busy we almost didn’t make it to the end. Now I am looking at a fall Calendar with 4 single days and one 2 day session available and we are completely booked!

God has completely blessed our business and given us great leaders like Melissa Russell Tash, Jamie Tash and Elizabeth Bailey and and a family of other owners who have always been ready to answer any questions we had. Thanks to all who have helped, purchased from, and booked us during our first 12 months. And a special thanks to God who has blessed us beyond our expectations.”

Joey and Sandi Fotheringham, Katy, TX

"SRP allows me a balance between owning a business and being a mom."

“I researched and met with other franchisees before making my way to Spoiled Rotten Photography. Immediately, the integrity and transparency within Spoiled Rotten Photography made this one stand out, and the more I learned, the more I loved. Now, Spoiled Rotten Photography allows me a balance between owning a business and being a mom. Best of all, I get to do something I love every day with unlimited potential..”

Kim Hoover, Charlotte, NC

"I worked in the corporate world for 15 years, but never had my 'bucket' full."

“I was doing photography on the side, which I always loved, but if someone asked if I would ever do it full time, I'd respond with "I wish, but not sure how I could make that switch." Well, Spoiled Rotten Photography has allowed me to do that – to follow the dream I didn't know was possible. I love being silly with kids and sharing beautiful portraits with parents to document the moment in time, because we all know how fast they grow up! This career change has allowed me to spend more time with my family, be more available for my girls, and still contribute financially to our household...but most of all my 'bucket' is now full!”

Amanda Day, Kansas City, Kansas

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