Tree School

Cap and Gown
Event Dates: Mon, May 18, 2020

The time has come y’all! Our PreK and Kindergartners are graduating! Let’s celebrate!

We are going to make this fabulous, even with the current pandemic!  Couple notes…. 

  1. Sign up for your session time:  HERE. 
    • If all the slots are full, please sign up on the waitlist.
  2. We’ll be at least 6 ft away. 
    • We will practice social distancing, so we are asking the parents to come in the session with their kids.  Because we will not be touching your children, we ask that you help with making sure their hair is good and their cap and gowns are straight.
  3. Bring meaningful props.
    • Please feel free to bring your own!  It makes the images adorable when the kids have the things that they love in the photos. 
    • We will provide the navy cap and gowns.   
    • We will have the chalkboards – when you come in, you’ll dress your child in the cap and gown, then have your child write their name on one side, and what they want to be when they grow up on the other side.
  4. THANK YOU four supporting our small family-owned business!  
    • It means the world to us right now!

WE LOVE our Little Graduates Sessions!

This is a wonderful way to celebrate this momentous milestone!  The kids are so full of life, confident and fun!   Let us capture their BIG personalities with this special session!  



  • Your school’s caps and gowns are BLUE.
  • Please make sure that your child’s hair is styled to wear a cap neatly. (Please do not use large bows or other hair accessories.)
  • Some of your child’s clothing may show under the gown – please dress them in a plain white shirt with no writing or patterns near the neckline.  
  • Shirts with collars are great, but please make sure they are neat and ironed.
  • Ties for boys make a nice appearance under the gown.  
  • Shoes will show in some pictures.

Check out some of our sample images here:  Cap and Gown Gallery

We ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up.  If you have any props that match your child’s chosen occupation… please send them!  Would be adorable for a doctor to bring a stethoscope, a fireman to bring a fireman’s hat, a ballerina to bring ballerina shoes, teacher to bring an apple… etc!

  • We’ll send you a private on-line gallery to view and order their portraits.
  • You’ll have a week to order your portraits.
  • A typical proof set will have 6-9 images.
  • 8×10 units (1-8×10 or 2-5x7s or 3-4x6s or 4-4x4s or 8 wallets) start at $20
  • Because of the school being closed, we are requiring home shipping on all orders- but we are splitting the shipping cost with you for this session.  Home shipping is only $5 per order.


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