June 2018 Training Sessions

Published on May 11, 2018

Training Sessions June 4 – 12, 2018

Hey Everyone!   We are super excited about bringing on our new franchise owners on board, and grateful for YOU!  We have various sessions for different age groups.  Please see the sign up for what we need.  If the sessions are full, please sign up for the wait list!

To make it fair for everyone to have the same opportunity to sign up…. Sign ups go live Monday, May 14th at 6:30.     

UPDATE:  All sessions are filled, but some wait lists are still available.  If you are on the wait list, we will email you if a session becomes available.  IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT- PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!



  • You must agree to the model release statement to participate in this session.  Images may be used on our marketing material. 
  • The session is complimentary.  If you wish to purchase prints, they will be available at our mini-session pricing. (8x10s start at $25, with increasing discounts if you purchase a package).
  • WHERE:  Our studio for “Studio Sessions” (see map… do not come to our residence door… see map for studio door) or 2 Meeting Street  for “Outdoor Sessions”


  • WEAR: Classic or fun clothing styles in SOLID or SMALL PRINTS.
  • Add layers and accessories (hats, jackets, bow-ties and jewelry). AVOID: Bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing. SEND: fresh flowers, wooden toys, dolls, jewelry, a favorite stuffed animal or book, musical instrument, their lovie or anything else your child loves!
  • For outdoor sessions: Wear clothes you love!   Solids and small prints photograph best.   Avoid bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing.   Layers, accessories, jewelry and hats are also encouraged.   It may be HOT…. consider that when you choose your outfit!
  • Props: Send fresh flowers, wooden toys, dolls, a favorite stuffed animal, musical instrument,  their lovie or anything else you love.


For studio sessions:  Come to the studio entrance as shown on this map (follow pavers to NE facing door).  

Please DO NOT  come to our residence’s front door or side porch door (no one will be there to let you in).  

For Outdoor sessions:  Meet us at 2 Meeting Street, Huntsville, AL 35806.  

map to 7 Ross Street

Questions?  Call or email Joy –  joy@spoiledrottenphotography.com or 256-715-5262