Portrait info for Little Sunshine’s – Fall 2021

  • Sessions Are ELECTIVE ONLY

    • Parents register on SRP’s website (Your local franchise owner will send you all the details)
    • Unlike the spring sessions… we will only photograph the kiddos that are Signed Up!
    • SRP will collect the contact data from the sign-up therefore, LSP will not have to provide contact data

    • SRP owners will contact LSP directors to schedule portrait dates and start times for fall portraits during the fall season (August – Nov).  

    • We love sibling portraits! SO MUCH FUN! 
    • Because we have more time to create the photos, we will automatically include sibling photos if they are registered
    • We’ll spend up to 10 minutes with each child (20 minutes for a sibling set) 

    • LSP families will get amazing portraits with only a little preparation on their part!  
    • SRP marketing material will help prepare them for an amazing experience:
      • SRP will provide 2 sets of handouts
      • LSP will send home the handouts with individual children (please DO NOT leave marketing material on the counter for parents to pick up)
      • Send first handout 3 weeks before the portrait sessions
      • Send second handout 2 weeks from portrait sessions
      • SRP will create a detailed webpage for each location’s portrait day
      • SRP will provide an informative email for directors to send to parents for each event
      • LSP will inform parents of their scheduled portrait day

    SESSION TIMING.  Generally, sessions are between the hours of 7am – noon.

    SESSION LOCATION. SRP owners will work with LSP directors to find an appropriate indoor location.  Most will be in your flex classroom or lobby.  

    SESSION SCHEDULING. LSP will schedule which children (sibling groups) will be photographed each day.

    • When sign up is complete (1 week before portrait days). LSP will use the director page (link sent by SRP franchise owner) to schedule families who have signed up.
    • LSP will plan for approximately 25 – 30 children each day.
    • LSP will schedule all ages on each day.  
      • Younger children and babies have a smaller window of patience, so please schedule them evenly across all the days available – e.g., if 10 babies are registered, please schedule 5 babies each day.

    RUNNER.  LSP will provide a runner to bring each individual (or sibling group) to the portrait location.

    • Because sessions are up to 10 minutes with each child, we ask that the school only bring 1 child (or sibling group) at a time and have 1 child on deck at a time.

    PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF. SRP will bring a photographer and assistant to pose and photograph.

    • SRP will spend up to 10 minutes photographing each child (depending on the comfort level of the child)

    CONTINGENCY.  If children show up dressed on picture day and their parents would like them photographed (and did not sign them up) SRP will do their best to fit them in.

    PICTURE DAY PLAN COMMUNICATION.  LSP directors will share picture day plans with teachers so they are prepared to have children ready at the appropriate times.


    •  SRP will use our Mini-Session price list http://srp.photos/pricing
    • SRP franchise owners will pay 10% of gross sales, paid to each individual school by individual SRP franchise owners.

Our Fall 2021 Set... Love you to the Moon!


  • Your LOCAL Spoiled Rotten Photography Photographer will be reaching out to you soon… 
  • If you need them before they contact you, do not hesitate to give them a shout!

CLICK HERE to find your LOCAL SRP Photographer!