NASA MCDC Class Portraits

Published on January 12, 2017

NASA MCDC Class Portraits on Thurs. Jan 26th!

We adore the students and staff at MCDC and can not wait to see y’all for class portraits on Thurs. Jan 26th!  We’ll do our best to get everyone looking great!  Order your child’s class portrait before Thurs. Jan 26th. and save $5 per portrait!  

Class Portraits are PRE-SELL for $10!

ORDER ON-LINE  HERE BY Thurs. Jan 26th!

  • No forms will be distributed… ALL orders will be placed on-line. 
  • Orders placed after Thurs. Jan 26th will be $15 each AND will require home shipping of $10… that’s $25 for a single class portrait if ordered late!  So please order them by Thurs. Jan 26.  to avoid the late shipping and handling fee.

Click Here to Order Class Portraits