Mountain Vista Home Schol Academy Family Day Portraits

Published on March 21, 2016

Mountain Vista Home Schol Academy Family Day Portraits – in Colorado Springs

You are invited to join us for our Charmed Set, Family Portrait Day on   April 22nd and 23rd 2016

This is the perfect time to get an updated Family Portrait, or all your children photographed together.  We will capture the beautifully unique spirit of all your family or your children.  If we were at your child’s school this season and they missed out on having their portraits made, this day if for you as well!  If you’ve got older children that you want photographed on the same set as your preschooler… THIS IS YOUR DAY!

preschool pictures family spring portrait day minisessions

Top 10 Reasons to you should come on Friday and Saturday,  April 22nd and 23rd 2016 and have your portrait created:

1.  Amazing portraits by Heather and her crew!
2.  Classic background that everyone is sure to shine on!
3.  You know you just bought Easter outfits….Why not show them off one more time!
4.  Did you see the pricing?  Yes, 8×10’s are a steal at $25.  And less if you purchase a package.
5.  Have a birthday coming up?  Use these portraits for your child’s next birthday invitation (can you say a-dor-able?)
6.  Was your child’s last school picture not what you were hoping for?  Let us capture them in their best light!
7.  It’s painless, even Dad won’t mind this short session- we’ll have him back doing your honey-do-list in no time.
8.  No need to worry how the weather will act….we will be indoors.
9.  We can have you in and out in 20 minutes.
10.  It’s fun!  We’ll play with your kids and get great expressions!

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up Here!

The session fee is only $25 for a family up to 4.  (add $10 for each additional person).  This session fee is being donated to Mountain Vista Home School Academy

Once you register online a friendly Spoiled Rotten Photography staff person will call to schedule your exact time and answer any questions you might have.

2. Choose clothing to coordinate with the Charmed set…. With light and airy creme tones, it has undertones of orange and blue.  We recommend classic or fun clothing styles in solid colors or small prints.  Yellow, pink, blue, lavender, cream and white look fabulous!  Avoid bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing.  Choose solids or small prints.

See the gallery below for lots of samples and ideas on how to dress your child and props to bring:

Charmed Portrait Gallery

We’ve also put together a Pinterest Board that has more clothing that will look amazing on the set!  Pinterest Clothing Inspiration Board


    • For a family portrait– you want to look like you all belong together, but not like you are wearing a uniform.  Dress in similar tones.  Here’s a hint- lay all your family’s clothes out on the bed, if they could somehow all be worn by one clothing item will attract more attention in your portrait too… if the item of clothing stands out too much, you might want to consider substituting something different for that clothing item.
    • Props:      Send fresh flowers, wooden toys, dolls, a favorite book or stuffed animal, musical instrument, their lovie or anything else your child loves… well, only if you want to see it in their portrait!

3. Bring your family (or just kiddos) with their portrait clothes, accessories, and props to Sluder Photography – 11 North Meade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 at your designated time.

After you sign up, one of our staff will call you to set your session time.  (HINT… if you need a particular time, please let us know in the special instructions when you sign up!)  Times will be scheduled from 8:30 am  – 1:00 pm.

4. View your images on your private on-line gallery. A typical proof set has 10-15 images.

5. Order on-line. 8x10s start at $25. Packages start at $65.  Let us know your special requests for your images. Our digital artist enhances each image, and portraits are professionally printed.

6. Pick Up your portraits at Chapman school – or we can ship them to you for a small fee.

Please call or email me if you have any questions or want to chat about your session!   Can’t wait to meet you!   or (719) 930-8126

Sign up Here!