Premier Preschool (Madison) Infant Portraits

Published on May 31, 2018

Infant Portraits at Premier Madison Preschool Thursday, June 14th

Hey Premier Madison Preschool Families!   We have a special opportunity that we wanted to share with you!    We want to create a beautiful portrait of your baby on Thursday June 14th!!!!  

  • We are training new photographers and we need practice with babies (0-9 months)!  
  • Let us photograph your precious bundle of joy,  and we’ll even give you a complimentary 8×10.  
  • There is no obligation to purchase, but if you’d like, you are welcome to purchase your images at regular Spoiled Rotten mini-session pricing.  (8x10s start at $25 and are less when you purchase in a package.)  

If you have an older sibling that you would like photographed with your baby, we’ll be happy to do that too…. just sign them up!

Our sessions will be photographed on our new “Canvas” set!  


  • You must agree to the model release statement to participate in this session.  Images may be used on our marketing material. 
  • The session is complimentary.  If you wish to purchase prints, they will be available at our mini-session pricing (8x10s start at $25, with increasing discounts if you purchase a package).
  • You will receive a complimentary 8×10 image (of your choice) for allowing us to photograph your wonderful babies!


  • Here’s some ideas:  Canvas Set Clothing Suggestions
  • We love babies in simple clothing… or NONE at all!  Send a favorite blanket! 
  • Please NO collars!  Or if you must, please sew down any collars that are likely to flip up.
  • Send a hat!  Babies look great in hats!  It frames their face so nicely!
  • Classic, traditional or vintage clothing in solid colors.  Warm mid tone colors look fabulous.   Creams and whites look fabulous, too!  Solids and small prints are best.  Layers, accessories, jewelry and hats are also encouraged.   
  • Props: Send  dolls, a favorite stuffed animal,  their lovie or anything else you love.