Providence Porch Portraits – Meet your Neighbors! Meet the Rustamov Family!

Published on May 1, 2020

Meet the Rustamov Family!  Samantha, Niz, Penny, aka “P. Rose” &  Dallas (the goldendoodle).    Honored that this family took a little time to be photographed.  Both of them are keeping busy working hard as pharmacists at Huntsville hospital… on the front lines, going to work everyday – to help keep us safe and healthy!  Thank you Samantha and Niz!   

This pharmacist duo and sweet baby on Devonshire Street were just adorable!  You may see little P. Rose tagging along with her grandparents, Denise and Larry Pelham.  So many generational families in the Village… #goals for when my teens are grown!

How long have you lived in the Village of Providence?   Sam: 16 yrs. My parents, Denise and Larry Pelham were on of the first to move in the VOP!   Niz: 4 yrs

What is your favorite thing about living in the Village?  Hard to pick just one thing! Family, sense of community with close neighbors, and friendly people we meet on our neighborhood strolls.

Tell us about your family!   Niz and I are both pharmacists at Huntsville Hospital. That is were we met 7 years ago.  I am a Huntsville native and Niz was born in Kyrgyzstan.

How are y’all doing with social distancing? We have still been going to work, so the biggest thing that has been different for us is not being able to eat at Charritos! 🙁 We have been cooking more and exercising at home. Niz painted the living room! Yay!

What is one interesting fact about your family? After giving this some thought, I think we are pretty boring. 🙂
Before COVID-19 and before she was 6 months old, Penny had been on 9 flights!

Anything Else?  Dallas, our goldendoodle, is our only pet. She is so friendly and is truly our first child. Keeping her entertained, exercised, and brushed is a hobby!