Custom Sessions in Huntsville

We love photographing your children at their school and we are equally as thrilled to photograph them on their own turf! We want to know a little bit about what you are looking for to help plan your custom session. Please read the portrait agreement below and then answer the questionnaire and then we’ll chat to finalize the details of your custom session! 

A custom family portrait session in Alpharetta with Spoiled Rotten Photography.

Portrait Agreement:
The Session is $500 (or $700 for Fri-Sun) The session includes:

  • $150 creation fee ($250 for Fri-Sun)
    • This is for the time and talent of your photographer to plan your session, take the photos, post process your images, post them to your on-line gallery, retouch your ordered images.
  • $350 deposit towards your portrait order.  Gift Portraits (8×10 & smaller) start at $55 and Packages start at $350.
  • 15-30 images presented to you in a private online gallery.
  • The session fee is due when completing this agreement. We will send you an invoice to pay on-line.
  • Please note that the use of cameras (still and video) other than the photographer’s is prohibited during your session.
  • We will post your images within one week of your session. Your gallery will be available for 7 days only.  Your order must meet or exceed  $350.
Basic Pricing Info:

Custom A


One 16×20

Two 11x14s

Two gift prints (8×10 or smaller)

ALL Digital Files (printable to 5×7)

Package A


15 images – printed as Units

Units can be:

  • 1-8×10  or
  • 2- 5×7 or
  • 3-4x6s or
  • 4-4x5s or
  • 8 wallets

ALL Digital Files (printable to 5×7)

Custom B


Two 11x14s

Two Gift Prints (8×10 or smaller)

5 Digital Files (printable to 5×7)

Custom D


8 Gift Prints (8×10 or smaller)

3 Digital Files (printable to 5×7)

Custom E


4 Gift Prints (8×10 or smaller)

1 Digital File (printable to 5×7)

Wall Portraits

$200 and up

Our wall portraits are given a linen texture, mounted on art board, and coated with a UV protectant spray for longevity.

20×24 – $350

16×20 – $325

11×14 – $200

Hand Painted Portrait

$850 and up

CLICK HERE to Learn More

16 x 20 – $850

20 x 24 – $950

24 x 30 – $ 1050

Gallery Wraps

$150 and up

These wall portraits are printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame ready to hang (UV coated, with a dust cover & wall hanger).

8 x 10 – $250

11 x 14 – $350

16×20  – $525

20×24 -$650

Gift Prints


8 x 10 –  $55.00

5 x 7 –  $55.00

4 x 6 – $55.00

4 x 5 – $55.00

set of 8 wallets –  $55.00

Digital File

$250 per file

ALL Digital Files


Yes, it’s the same price as a package with prints.  Why would you order this?  I have no idea, but people do.  I suggest ordering a package with beautiful prints- that have amazing color and density, that are printed on archival paper and will last for generations.

Our Promise: We think you’ll love your portraits. If you are not satisfied with your portraits for any reason, we will make it right or refund your money.

A custom family portrait session in Alpharetta with Spoiled Rotten Photography!

All images are copyright protected by federal copyright law and belong to Spoiled Rotten Photography. It is unlawful to reproduce (copy, scan, take a photo of and post to the web, etc) the portraits in any manner. To maintain the highest quality standards, Spoiled Rotten Photography must have control over production of the portraits. Scanned or reproduced images are both illegal and a degradation of the original image quality.

Thank you for reading all the details… now tell us a little bit about what you would like for your session…


Please copy below and email to:

  • Your Name:
  • Address:
  • Cell Phone:
  • Home Phone:
  • Email Address:
  1.  Do you have a date in mind for your session?
  2.  Please list everyone who will be included in the portrait (please include ages of children)
  3. Is there a special occasion for this portrait session? (Birthday, Celebration of Milestone, Anniversary, etc….)
  4. Please tell me a little bit about each person to be photographed. (You can list their favorite things, tell a fun fact, or just tell me about their personality.)
  5. Please tell me what your perfect portrait would look like.
  6. Please describe the room where this portrait will be displayed.
  7. Is the room formal or casual? What colors are used in this room?
  8. Do you have a location in mind for your session?
  9. What clothing have you selected for this session? Please list the clothing colors and style. *** Remember if you want a classic look, choose fashionable but not trendy pieces. Solids or small prints work best. For a more modern or colorful portrait- bright colors and patters are great- just remember bold patterns and stripes will draw attention away from your beautiful faces. If dressing for a family portrait: You want to all look like you belong together, but not be in a family uniform! Choose clothing that looks great on you and everyone stick to either light or dark colors. For example if everyone has on dark colors, and one person wears white- the person wearing white will be the focal point of all the portraits. One tip that always works… for a family portrait- lay all your clothes out as if they could be worn in one outfit. If the “outfit” looks great together- the clothing will look great in your portrait. ***
  10. Anything else we should know (What might make the session go more smoothly):
  11. Spoiled Rotten Photography sometimes uses images from our sessions in our marketing. Please initial if you give Spoiled Rotten Photography permission to use images from this session on our website or for other marketing purposes. We never use the children’s names with their images:
  12. Please initial that you have read the portrait agreement above and agree to the terms and conditions listed:
THANK YOU!  Please email above questions to Melissa Tash at
Questions?  Just pick up the phone and call me!  256-658-8275