How it Works

How Does the SRP Process Work?

1.  To Participate:  

  •  For a Spoiled Rotten Mini Sessions – Register your children on our website. Tell us about your children!   What are their favorite things?  Are they shy?  Outgoing?  Give us any information that you think would help us create a beautiful portrait and any special requests.
  • For Campus Candids, Yearbook or Cap and Gown, or Yearbook sessions – we photograph every child, and no sign-up is necessary.

2.  Choose your child’s outfit.   Make sure to check out our What to Wear page for suggestions and style tips.

3.  Picture Day. 

Your director will let you know which day to send your child’s picture outfit.  Make sure to send a few of their favorite things, too (Blankets, Lovies, Sports Equipment, etc.)   It’s always a good idea for your children to get plenty of sleep the night before their session.  Note: Make sure you tell us when you sign up about any items that you are sending- so we’ll know to ask if your child shows up without the item!

4.  Convenient ordering online.

Approximately 1 week after the photo shoot, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to view and order your portraits. A typical proof set for indoor sessions will have 10-15 poses, and campus candids will have at least 3 images to choose from!  Order a la carte or choose from several packages with special pricing and discounted bonus items (see complete pricing in our “Pricing” section). You will have 1 week to order your portraits.

5.  Pick-up Your Portraits.

Approximately 4 weeks after the ordering period, portraits are delivered to your school office for you to pick-up.  If you would like your portraits shipped to your home, please check the home shipping option when ordering (otherwise your order will be delivered to the facility where the images were made.)